About Us

What We Do

World AIDS Day Detroit’s mission is to bring people together and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in our community.

  • Awareness

    Our organization is building an HIV awareness movement in Michigan. Through events like World AIDS Day, we are able bring together AIDS Service Organizations, youth, political & business leaders, and the general public and advocate for the greater visibility of HIV/AIDS.

  • Fundraising

    In Michigan there are more than 19,800 people living with HIV/AIDS, and it is essential that we continue to support HIV/AIDS programs and services that provide support and assistance for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. We believe that everyone can give something. World AIDS Day Detroit works to inspire individuals, companies, and organizations of all sizes to fundraise for HIV/AIDS services in Michigan.

  • Grantmaking

    Beginning in 2016 our partner organizations are eligible to receive funding through our grantmaking program.

  • Youth

    More than 25% of all new HIV infections are among youth age 13-24. We cannot build an AIDS-Free Generation unless we end the youth HIV-epidemic. Our Youth Symposium aims to engage youth and provide students with information about HIV, stigma, and information resources.


The end of HIV is in sight, but in order to achieve an AIDS-Free Generation, there is still work to be done. Communities across the United States need to come together, bring awareness to the epidemic, and stand in solidarity with those at-risk and living with HIV/AIDS. World AIDS Day Detroit gives everyone the opportunity to step up and make a difference in their community. We are building a movement that will help us achieve an AIDS-Free Generation.